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WARNING: This is not about love!


*UK only*


Our February Bundle includes 3 different and excellent stories from women in Stockholm, Barcelona and Algiers. From the crazy lives of female influencers, to a Chinese immigrant confronting prejudice, and a French mother trapped in a domestic life she finds deeply unstatisfying. 


About the authors:

Tone Schunnesson has become a name on the Swedish cultural scene. In addition to her two novels, Trip Reports and Days, she has reimagined Anna Karenina and Jane Eyre for the stage. She is a cultural columnist and podcaster for the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, where her subjects include everything from politicians to the Beckhams and Bret Easton Ellis. Days will appear on stage in Copenhagen this coming spring, where Schunnesson herself appears in a tiny cameo role. 


Gemma Ruiz-Palà is an acclaimed writer and TV journalist in Catalonia. She has always focused on exposing and tackling gender inequality and racism. She is now taking a sabbatical year to focus on her writing. Wenling's was a bestselling book in Catalonia and Gemma received a major prize for her latest novel Our Mothers.


Nina Bouraoui is a French novelist. Born to an Algerian father and a French mother, she spent most of her youth in Algeria, then moved to France. Her first novel, La Voyeuse interdite won the Prix du Livre Inter, and her novel Mes mauvaises Pensées, the prestigious Prix Renaudot in 2005. All Men Want to Know, translated by Aneesa Abbas Higgins, was awarded an English PEN Translates Award and was published in 2020. Satisfaction is her last novel and has been nominated for several prizes. Her novels have been translated into over fifteen languages.






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