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30.04.24 6:30pm PDT

Central Library, Vancouver

Writers Showcase with Lisa Pike

Lisa Pike will join writers Winston Le, Yasmin Simsek and Trevor Wood at the Central Library in Vancouver for a reading of Industrial Roots.

23 - 28 April

Cork City Library, Grand Parade

Cork World Book Fest

We are delighted to announce that author Gemma Ruiz-Palà will be at Cork World Book Fest on Saturday 27th with her translator Peter Bush presenting her book Wenling's.

16.03.2024 12:30pm

Islington Central Library

The Indie Press Fair

Mira Marcinów, author of Queenless (July 2024), will be sharing her experience as a debutant in the Debut Authors Panel with writers Xaviere Musih Tedji and Emma Brand. The discussion will be led by Rosa Rogers.

29.02.24 5pm

Newcastle City Library

Book Event with Tone Schunnesson and Opt Indie

Opt Indie Bookshop and Newcastle City Library are delighted to invite you to an evening with Tone Schunnesson. We have recently started collaborating with Opt Indie and, with them, we hope to bring you many events in the north of England!

28.02.24 7pm

Voce Books, Birmingham

Book Event with Tone Schunnesson

Tone Schunnesson will be visiting Voce Books in Birmingham to spend a fabulous evening with Voce's readers. Voce Books was chosen Bookshop of the Year 2023 and they are one of our favourites indies. We are delighted to keep working with them this year!

27.02.24 7pm

Kennedy Seminar 1, Keynes College, University of Kent

Fiction Addiction Society invites Tone Schunnesson

Tone Schunnesson will be Guest Author at the Fiction Addiction Society from the University of Kent, Canterbury. This event will be free for Society members and open to the public for a small fee.

Our edition of Days & Days & Days was also added to the curriculum of Scandinavian literature in translation at Berkeley University last term, and we are delighted to see how popular this book is becoming amongst university students!

13.02.24 7pm


Tone Schunnesson in Conversation with Jonathan Davidson

Tone Schunnesson will be Guest Writer at the Birmingham International Literary Salon where she will discuss Days & Days & Days with host Jonathan Davidson ahead of her next tour at the end of February.

Attendance is by invitation only. If you wish to attend, please, email me Aina Marti at: and we will arrange for the organiser to send you an invitation.

This is a great opportunity for those of you outside the UK!

26.10.23 7pm

The Good Book Shop, Bristol

Book Event with Tone Schunnesson

Tone Schunnesson will be talking about Days & Days & Days in this magical evening in Bristol.

24.10.23 06:30pm

Waterstones Canterbury

Book Launch with Tone Schunnesson

Swedish author Tone Schunnesson will be discussing Days & Days & Days with journalist Billiw Walker.

20.10.23 12pm

Margate Bookie, Margate

Women's Place in the World: Erica Mou in Conversation with Chloë Ashby

Erica Mou and Chloë Ashby will be sharing the panel Women's Place in the World and talk about the female characters in their novels.

19.10.23 7pm

Waterstones Kingston upon Thames

In Conversation with Erica Mou

Erica Mou will be discussing Thirsty Sea with journalist Laura Allsop.

18.10.23 7pm

Voce Books, Birmingham

Book Event with Erica Mou

Erica Mou is starting her second tour in Birmingham to keep talking about Thirsty Sea.

12.11.23 7pm

The Good Book Shop, Bristol

Book Event with Gemma Ruiz-Palà and Peter Bush

Catalan author Gemma Ruiz-Palà and translator Peter Bush will be presenting Wenling's.

11.10.23 7pm

Queen's Mary, University of London

Book Launch of Wenling's with Gemma Ruiz-Palà

Gemma Ruiz-Palà will be presenting Wenling's with Romancero Books.

13.07.23 8pm


Ultramarine at the Borderless Book Club

Mariette Navarro and Cory Stockwell will discuss Ultramarine at the Borderless Book Club with Maddie Rogers.

20.06.23 06:30pm

Waterstones Canterbury

Launch of Ultramarine with Mariette Navarro and Cory Stockwell

French author Mariette Navarro and translator Cory Stockwell will discuss Ultramarine with Lucy O'Meara.


British Library

European Writers' Festival

Caroline Lamarche will join a panel of female European authors to discuss gender issues in Europe.

18.05.23 06:30pm

Waterstones Canterbury

Caroline Lamarche in conversation with Lucy O'Meara

Caroline Lamarche and Lucy O'Meara discuss The Memory of the Air.

23.11.22 4pm

Online - Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies, University of London

Encounters with Nina Bouraoui and Aneesa Abbas Higgins

French author Nina Bouraoui and translator Aneesa Abbas Higgins will be discussing Satisfaction with Helen Vassallo for this special event at Encounters.

09.06.22 1pm

Online - Durham University

Roundtable Discussion with Caroline Lamarche and Katherine Gregor

Belgian author Caroline Lamarche and translator Katherine Gregor will be discussing The Memory of the Air with Dominique Carlini-Versini ahead of publication date.

07.09.22 06:30pm

Waterstones Gower St

Laura Vogt in conversation with Francesca Segal

Laura Vogt will b discussing What Concerns Us with author Francesca Segal.

06.09.22 06:30pm

Waterstones Canterbury

Book Launch with Laura Vogt & Caroline Waight

Swiss author Laura Vogt will be in conversation with translator Caroline Waight to discuss What Concerns Us in a wonderful evening hosted by author Ann Morgan.

17.05.22 06:30pm

Waterstones Canterbury

Book Launch with Erica Mou & Clarissa Botsford

Italian writer Erica Mou will be presenting her first novel Thirsty Sea with translator Clarissa Botsford in conversation with Anna Katherina Schaffner.

18.05.22 06:30pm

Waterstones Gower St

Erica Mou in conversation with Ivana Sajko

Erica Mou will be in conversation with author Ivana Sajko, discussing their novels Thirsty Sea and Love Novel with host Merve Emre.

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